SKLD Administrator Takes Setback in Stride

August 22nd 2019, Our News


Two years ago Jessica Blair thought her running career was over. At the time, the SKLD Perrysburg administrator in training underwent surgery to remove sections of her cervical vertebra. Although the recovery months were tough, as soon as her doctors cleared her for exercise, Jessica was determined to return to her sport. It took a few tries, but eventually she was back out hitting the pavement.

Today she’s come farther than she could have imagined and is training with Team Pancreas for The Marine Corps Marathon 10K on October 27 in Washington, D.C. The race in our nation’s capitol is one of the largest marathons in the world and is known for celebrating honor, courage and commitment.

Motivated by patients

Jessica says The MCM is the perfect race for her because she will join runners from across the country who have similarly overcome obstacles and are committed to succeeding in spite of physical setbacks. It reflects the kind of attitude Jessica sees every day in her work with skilled nursing and rehab patients at SKLD Perrysburg. She says, “At our skilled rehabilitation facility, I work alongside patients that are on the tough recovery path paved by a long-term illness or injury. I witness the hardships faced by these patients and their families. But I LOVE my job and what we do at SKLD because I also get to be there for progress, the goals met and all the moments leading up to a return home. It’s the reason we do what we do.”

As part of the race, Jessica is proud to represent Team Pancreas where she will run in honor of her friend and neighbor, Amanda Baerwaldt. “I met Amanda when her family moved next door to mine last year, and we were fast friends. As we got to know one another, Amanda shared her pancreas journey with me. She has had a long journey, but she has never let any obstacle stand in her way or bring down her positivity.”

Best of luck to Jessica as she brings awareness to a wonderful cause and supports those who are affected by long-term illnesses. All of us at SKLD will be rooting for you!