Passion and Positivity Go a Long Way at SKLD

June 2nd 2020

Three years ago Ryan Bokas would have laughed if you told him he’d be the transitional care liaison at SKLD’s Livonia branch. At the time, he was working in maintenance at SKLD and unsure of what career path he would take. 

Today, Ryan is working on the frontlines during one of the most challenging times facing healthcare and the world at large. Ryan works as a liaison in the Detroit area hospitals, specifically Beaumont Royal Oak and Beaumont Troy, nurturing SKLD’s reputation as a flexible and innovative company. 

Ryan describes himself as a “mover and a shaker,” which helps with the dynamic nature of his position. His job responsibilities range from facilitating patients’ moves from the hospital to SKLD’s nursing facility, helping case managers with insurance and medical documents, speaking with the patients and families to make sure their needs are met, and continuing that relationship going forward. 

In every season Ryan is never truly off the clock. “From the time the resident is in the hospital, my phone number is in their hand the whole way.” The challenges are sometimes easy fixes such as the time when a resident’s “grilled cheese was a little cold.” But other times, patients have more serious clinical concerns. Ryan is available 24/7, and he loves it. 

Although the work is hard, Ryan makes an extra effort to stay positive. Everyone you see has some kind of illness. They are being discharged from the hospital, but they aren’t well enough to live at home. “Clinicians have a tough job, and we get really good at holding on to goodness as much as possible.” 

For example, when a patient finishes a cancer treatment, they ring a bell, and the entire department cheers. “There’s a lot of sadness, but we like to hold on to the happy moments. It will make your day watching someone beat cancer.” 

A part of Ryan’s work that he is especially proud of is SKLD’s determination to work with a wide range of patients. “It’s really easy when the family is cooperative and chooses your facility. SKLD is known for also accepting residents with health concerns that make them tougher placements, such as respiratory issues. 

For someone hoping to start out in the industry, Ryan recommends “working hard, being able to stay positive and taking pride in success because there are a lot of times when you can’t. Don’t get stuck on the little things that go wrong because all around there is so much that is right.” 

Ryan puts it simply: “If you do things right, you get promoted. If you don’t, you don’t.” Clearly, Ryan has done the “right things” to be successful working as SKLD’s liaison at hospitals in Detroit, Michigan.

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