Nurse reminds us all why we do this work

April 20th 2020

There are heroes who are standing out just by showing up to work each day in the midst of these trying months for healthcare workers around the world. Their courage to serve on the frontlines in the world’s largest health crisis in 100 years is saving lives.

We at SKLD have been privileged to watch our teams at each facility step up to serve with grace, love, strength and even humor. They’re doing the hard work that is every day in skilled nursing and now carry the added responsibility of being residents’ only companions, visitors and comfort. A team of nurses at SKLD Beltline in Grand Rapids, Mich. said it best, “We are a team, and these residents are our family.  We have taken care of these residents prior to COVID-19 and we are continue to do so through COVID-19.”

Other team members there have made a recent practice before each shift to pray together outside the door for strength and for the safety of the residents they are about to serve.

One night shift supervisor at SKLD Beltline, Noris Bardwell, LPN, wrote the following letter to all of staff. We hope her words inspire you as much as it inspires us.

Reflecting on everything that is going on and how fast this pandemic has changed our patients and families lives, I can only be grateful for the safety God has provided for me, my loved ones, my patients, coworkers and their families. 

In this difficult time of confusion and uncertainty, we, as healthcare providers need to stay strong not only for ourselves but for others. This is not a time to complain about how hard we must work. Maybe God put us through this test, and I truly believe this pandemic will make us reflect about our current lives and our future. 

As healthcare providers, we are all trained to handle difficult situations. Who said that being a nurse, CENA or physician was going to be easy? We have been exposed in our careers to lots of dangerous pathogens. Therefore, we need to be strong for ourselves, families, coworkers, patients and everyone out there who needs us. 

I became a nurse and I’m very proud to be one because I love challenges, help others and make a difference in others’ lives. I don’t intend to be defeated by a virus. I will continue fighting until the end, so please try to do the same and do not give up. You are warriors, as strong and stubborn as I am and will never give up when it comes to saving people’s lives. 

Please, let’s stay strong and safe, while helping those in need. Let’s be grateful we have a job while others out there don’t and are struggling to survive in these difficult times.

Stay safe, follow up your infection control recommendations, and be grateful for all you have. 

Remember, we are all in this together. Your patients need you. They depend on us, and they are not only our patients but our family too. 

Have a beautiful day.