Young Father Heads Home 1 Year After Stroke

February 1st 2019, Our News

This year’s Valentine’s Day promises to be better than last year for 38-year-old John Webster and his young family of Grand Rapids, Mich. After recovering from a massive stroke and nearly a year in rehab, John is returning home in mid-January to once again help care for his family – including two young children. At...

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Skilled Nursing Chef Delights With Edible Fruit Creations

January 22nd 2019, Our News

Don Rockafellow can whip up a mean meatloaf for dinner, and there’s nothing he enjoys more at work than seeing SKLD Ionia residents devour it. He spent a lifetime working in the kitchen, learning first at the side of his mother—whose recipes are at the core of what Don describes as comfort food. These recipes...

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How Hard Work Led Skilled Nursing Administrator to a Job She Loves

December 9th 2018, Our News

At 17, while other teens were worrying about prom dresses and SAT testing, Melissa Frechette was a new immigrant in America caring for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease. She learned through trial and error how to manage care for a loved one with this debilitating disease and gleaned what she could from extended family members...

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Skilled Nursing Facility Brings Memorial to a Resident

December 8th 2018, Our News

Darleen Simms received a visit from her brother every day that she spent at SKLD Livonia since moving there in December 2017. He came so frequently that most members of the staff got to know him as well. His visits stopped when he unexpectedly fell ill and passed away in early November, leaving Darleen distraught....

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SKLD Patient Grateful for a New Lease on Life

October 24th 2018, Our News

Anna Schultz of Grand Rapids, Michigan, remembers getting in her car after attending church on Sunday, September 30 and then her memory goes blank. What happened next, she’s had to piece together from witnesses. Anna suffered a cardiac arrest while driving and cruised through the intersection of 28thSt. and Eastern Ave., where her car collided...

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Illuminate Eyes Regional Skilled Nursing Growth After ManorCare Acquisitions

July 20th 2018, Our News

Illuminate is using the brand SKLD, pronounced “skilled,” to brand the nursing home assets that it manages. Any services that face the families and patients will be known as SKLD. Technology is a particular focus for the young firm. Illuminate is developing a proprietary logistics system that incorporates the use of wearable devices. Staff will be the primary users of the wearable devices and there are some ideas in the works for using them with patients.

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