Recognizing women in leadership this International Women’s Day

March 8th 2020, Our News

This International Women’s Day, Illuminate HC is proud to recognize some of the hard-working, determined women in leadership roles, whose contributions are invaluable to SKLD facilities.  Although in nearly every industry women have made significant strides in achieving gender equality, society still has a long way to go. This is true even in the field...

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1 key step to avoid employee burnout in skilled nursing

October 23rd 2019, Our News

Working in skilled nursing can be so rewarding and oh-so-challenging all at the same time. Every job in the field requires so much teamwork for a workforce tasked with caring for residents’ urgent and frequent needs. Add to that a whole array of personalities from co-workers to residents, and a day can go from frustrating to rewarding...

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Skilled Nursing: How to Avoid Burnout

October 16th 2019, Our News

Nursing is one of the most demanding jobs around, and sometimes the job can feel thankless as well. We asked our Michigan and Ohio skilled nursing facility heads of nursing how they personally avoid burnout on the job and how they encourage  staff to stay focused and motivated. Rachel Gilbert, director of nursing at SKLD Ionia, offers...

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Illuminate HC snares Innovator of the Year Gold Award in Tech competition

October 11th 2019, Our News

The research and development arm of Illuminate HC this year earned the Gold Award in the Innovator of the Year category in the Skilled Care track of the McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards competition for its Illuminate Patient Response System. Our company, which is dedicated to creating technological solutions for healthcare, previously also won a Gold...

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Working at Illuminate HC Inspires Leader to Think Differently

September 29th 2019, Our News

The first time Chelsea Rink proposed a few some out-of-the-box solutions for her facility to the new SKLD Muskegon owners, she received a resounding YES! As the facility administrator, she assumed it would be up to the Illuminate HC leadership to approve her plans. Instead she heard that she would be empowered as the “CEO”...

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SKLD Administrator Takes Setback in Stride

August 22nd 2019, Our News

  Two years ago Jessica Blair thought her running career was over. At the time, the SKLD Perrysburg administrator in training underwent surgery to remove sections of her cervical vertebra. Although the recovery months were tough, as soon as her doctors cleared her for exercise, Jessica was determined to return to her sport. It took...

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$15 per hour is way too low for this nursing home operator

July 31st 2019, Our News

“While many sectors of the nation debate whether, and how, they could ever raise entry level wages to $15 per hour, it’s a non-factor for nursing home operator Illuminate HC. Why aim so low, its leaders figure. The pay rate is $17 per hour for certified nursing aides at the rapidly growing operator.” Read the...

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Video Contest

July 15th 2019, Our News

Hey there, Michigan film students and up-and-coming videographers! We need you to help us tell the stories of our residents at SKLD facilities across Michigan! Submit you entry by emailing us at! We are a cutting-edge skilled nursing company with facilities across Michigan, and we are changing the way post-hospital care is delivered. Ready to...

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New Sensory Room Soothes Memory Care Patients

June 25th 2019, Our News

A new sensory stimulation room in the SKLD Zeeland Gilead Unit has become a game changer for memory care patients, providing a variety of soothing and mesmerizing tools in one space. Patients’ families and even residents living on other floors of the facility are enjoying the room as well, with the stimulating and comforting fixtures,...

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Dementia Simulation Helps Employees Treat Patients With More Empathy

April 4th 2019, Our News

Recently, employees at the Western Michigan skilled nursing facility, SKLD Zeeland, joined a dementia simulation so that they could experience firsthand what it is like to live with cognitive and physical impairments associated with the disease. The Gilead Memory Care Unit at SKLD Zeeland is one of the largest and most comprehensive facilities in the...

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