New Technology Partnership Uses Patient Feedback for Employee Motivation

May 19th 2019

Illuminate HC is proud to announce a new partnership with Wambi, a software system that provides employees with real-time patient feedback. By recognizing compassionate care and empowering individual care providers, Wambi facilitates behavioral change and immediate service recovery, while rewarding outstanding care. Illuminate is the first skilled nursing facility to use the software, although the system is proven to improve employee morale and performance in acute care settings.

SKLD Bloomfield Hills has been piloting the program for the past three months. Employees there make regular rounds with a tablet asking patients if there is a staff member they want to highlight each week. Those who want to provide feedback can then log on to the app and select an employee from the program. Each staff member is listed within the dashboard, along with a photo. Patients also receive a card during discharge to encourage them to leave employee feedback.

employee motivation program

Employees at SKLD Bloomfield Hills with a display of patient feedback generated by Wambi

Positive Reviews to Motivate Employees

Staff members who get good reviews are rewarded both by hearing the positive feedback and by compiling reward points. Employees can log into their profile on the platform to see their score and select prizes, such as lunch, new uniform t-shirts, gift cards and movie tickets.

Feedback is all anonymous and complies with HIPAA, ensuring that patients feel comfortable leaving honest feedback. The facility administrator receives the feedback as well and has access to real-time analytics and employee performance.

Patients also have the option to send “care postcards” to employees, which are a form of electronic postcards that a recipient could save and print out. The program is still new at Bloomfield Hills, and in one week, patients write approximately 40 postcards.

Some benefits of Wambi include the following:

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