Patient-Centered Care

It’s not about us. It’s about patients and the people who care for them.

Our patients are our primary concern

Everything we do starts with our patients. Their needs
guide our actions and their priorities set our agenda.

Our people are our greatest asset

We value and appreciate every one of our employees.
Their energy, passion and focus make an impact every day.

We are Illuminate HC.

We’re agile, focused and fast-paced. We may operate like a tech
start-up, but we’ve been around long enough to develop a working model that makes us uniquely Illuminate HC.

We don’t just look different, we are different.

Traditionally, healthcare has been arranged for the ease and efficiency of care providers. We turn that
on its head by putting our patients at the center of everything we do. Our innovative processes flow to eliminate delays and frustrations, and to anticipate needs before they arise.

Customized, patient-based care:

  • Daily schedule

    Patients set their schedule to wake up and go to sleep when they want.

  • Made to order meals

    Meals are served when patients want them and what they want.

  • Personalized rehabilitation and therapy

    Therapy is scheduled at times convenient for patients. Rehabilitation is customized to meet patients' goals.

Quality Healthcare

  • We value quality

    In our people, our care, our processes and our outcomes. It’s not just what we say, it’s what we do.

  • Strategic, yet flexible

    One size does not fit all. We see every facility, even every care team, as a unique opportunity to reflect the patients, the people and the communities we serve.

  • We exceed standards of care

    We are boldly taking the lead, superseding industry standards and making a positive impact in the world
    of post-hospital care.

  • Work family

    We welcome every day with energy and a desire to spend quality time with people we truly like, doing what we truly like to do.