It’s a Good Sign When You Look Forward to Mondays

March 23rd 2018, Our News

Nancy Erwin

Earlier this month, I made a career move to join a company that has exciting plans to improve post-hospital care. I am delighted to announce I accepted a position as VP of Human Resources for Illuminate-HC. The “HC” stands for human capital, and I think that says a lot about how much this organization values its employees.

We’ve been talking for several months. Each conversation – no matter who it was with – deepened my sense that Illuminate HC and I have a lot in common. We both believe it is essential for healthcare organizations to show how much they value their employees by investing in them. My philosophy has always been that caregivers who are happy with their jobs create an atmosphere that supports high quality care and results in healthier, happier patients.

The challenge has always been how to implement and afford the HR programs and policies needed to create a culture of highly engaged, happy caregivers when HR is generally seen as a necessary management process, not a powerful strategic contributor. In short, everybody wants it, but nobody is really funding it, especially in skilled care. Illuminate HC is changing that.

They respect and value caregivers. They show it in their fresh approach to staffing and career paths. They show it by rethinking wages and benefits. They show it by developing and investing in innovative new ways to improve day-to-day operations. Honestly, their forwarding-thinking ideas literally made my jaw drop. I’m excited to get to work on fulfilling this vision.

While Illuminate HC leaders work to finalize acquisition of skilled care facilities in Michigan, I am working with a team of people focused on building a suite of best-in-class solutions that will allow us to hit the ground running. I have a framework to build on and a license to innovate. If this week is any indication of what’s to come, Mondays might just become one of my favorite days of the week.